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Mary Susan Chen is a Physical Therapist and Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM with experience in pain management, neurological rehabilitation, biofeedback, and pelvic health.

PRIVATE PRACTICE in Chicago’s near west suburbs of Oak Park & River Forest. Email: msc@marysusanchen.com for info & appt.  Yoga and Feldenkrais classes or individual sessions.


About Mary Susan Chen:

My LOVE of MOVEMENT started on the backyard swing set, then back flips and balance beams, followed by 16-inch underhand pitching and jumping for overhead spikes. 

After graduating  and becoming licensed in Physical Therapy in 1985, I walked with people after strokes, surgeries and other injuries in big hospitals and in home health. Later, I spent 10 years on an award-winning pain management team for a major medical center, offering Feldenkrais, biofeedback and pelvic health. I attained Master Clinician status and created continued education programs for rehab professionals and a 6-week “Posture Alive” community wellness program.

How did I get here? It wasn’t the typical Physical Therapist path.

In my 30s I took up tai chi and was captivated by the slow, flowing motions of White Crane Spreads its Wings and Waving Hands like Clouds. I received my certificate in Yang Style, Wu Style and QiGong, and began teaching in community centers, the YMCA, and in medical support groups.

Rolling on mats in developmental patterns, The Feldenkrais Method was my next course of study. It looks like a cross between yoga on a mat, and slow moving martial arts. Bodies roll off the floor into standing more smoothly, with a sense of wholeness. Breath becomes spontaneous, and the spring is restored to your step. I graduated from Anat Baniel’s training in 2000 and this work has informed my life since. 

In 1998 I began teaching classes in Oak Park and the surrounding suburbs. At times up to 8 classes per week while raising my kids and doing home health physical therapy  

Searching for more peace and integration, I took up extensive study with Russell Delman and the Embodied Life School Mentorship Program. A blend of Feldenkrais, Focusing, and Zen meditation, I graduated in 2011 with a renewed spirit.

I continued studying Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell, deepening my connection to my own innermost being.

Since 2020 I’ve been teaching online. The surprise of intimacy through the screen, the ease of participation for those who are busy or live far away, all make it worthwhile. Students come from Australia, the Caribbean islands, and the Philippines, as well as right down the street.

In 2021 I added Yoga, and not just any yoga. SomaYoga. A blend of Somatics and the ancient art of yoga. This is yoga for any-body and every-body. Yoga that is less competitive, and more respectful of limitations. Yoga that lets you choose how much to challenge yourself. Yoga that guides you into your inner sensations.

So you may see a pattern here. Continued study, growth, observation and love of MOVEMENT and HEALTH. We are here for a reason – to make the world a better place. As the Buddha said, “to relieve suffering.” So when you are ready to release the pains that pull you into the past, I’m here. Join me for a private session or a group class. It’s  great to have company in the quest of becoming a happy healthy human on this beautiful sphere in the sky.

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