– testimonials –

 ”Your classes have helped me to be more aware of my alignment and how I can make some changes.  I have been working on my right pelvis and found that when lying on my back this morning, I could tell how much better I feel. I have to be very mindful of the positions when I sleep and it is working. It’s a slow process but it is working.”  JW, Musician, Knitter & Grandmother

“I think it may be nearly 25 years that I’ve been part of your class so it’s not just a routine. I get a payback, a feeling of well-being. I also know that there has been a change and I think it is the word. Your ability to communicate — to coax the subtle moves out. Thanks.”  DA retired architect, gardener

 “I have been through a lot of physical therapy and exercise regimens trying to combat the aches and pains of an aging body. In particular, I had deep muscle pain in my sacroiliac joint area and disk issues in my lumbar spine. It’s been exhausting. I didn’t start to feel continuously better until I started Feldenkrais classes with Mary Susan. Sharing her knowledge of anatomy and functional movement and with a soothing teaching style, she has helped me reorganize the connections between my brain and body leading to improvements in movement, flexibility, and my mental approach to aging. Thank you, Mary Susan!”    LG, 61 going on 30!  

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